New lower Prices, New shipping options and Black Friday

New lower prices

With platforms raising their fees, with carriers raising their prices and materials getting more and more expensive , we had no other option to adjust our prices on all of the platforms we sell on.

However, more than 70% of items have had their price reduced, some items significantly and some a little bit. And these are not Black Friday exclusive deals, these will stay as is for now, so no urgency required !

The new shipping options

We've added a few new shipping options and also added more countries we ship to.

IMPORTANT: If your country is not on the shipping list during checkout, write us an e-mail and we will look for every option available and give you the pricing list for that country ! 

It is possible for us to send worldwide, but the prices and shipping methods could be way different from the regular ones we offer currently.


Black Friday

We won't be making any discounts and participating in Black Friday this year, previous years have shown that there are more problems than good. Major delays, more broken items, more lost packages. We plan on having some sort of sale after all the holiday buying has ended, so you will receive the items you buy on time! That is sometime January

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